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Renewal of January 27, 2008

It is the Vietnam stock newest information which the living Japanese in Vietnam tells.

Now is the Vietnam stock of a season!

The Vietnam stock is also considerable アツ くなってき better た.

PER is also going abruptly up.
It lets brand 買いも and a local securities firm pass, and is possible.
IPO stock information also thinks if it can provide as possible.

The thing with now hot Japanese stock inactivation is a newly emerging country stock.
Is it the stock of VISTA each country?

Vietnam stock

The Vietnam stock is delicious.
Has it come to Vietnam?

Are the stock of Vietnam and a tune good?

Stock Vietnam

投資って to Vietnam -- how is it?
How is it compared with a tie stock and the China stock?

It is easy to take the necessary procedure from the India stock!

Stock Vietnam

There is an affair of the bridge in カントー.
Although it seems that those who step on the leg of 2 come to Vietnam in Japan
It is OK.
Vietnam is pro-Japanese sentiment-like.
It is without forgetting the feeling to old Japan.

Vietnam: Bridge crash TAISEI, a vice president, and a managing director are demotion-punished.

TAISEI is the vice president in charge and a managing director corporate officer at the crash accident of the bridge generated by the Mekong branch in Vietnam on the 26th.
Demotion disposal was announced. It also determined that a Chairman Hayama 莞児 all director does independence return of a part of remuneration.

Vice-President Kunihiko Nambu, an international division director, will lose the right of representation with 31 day, and he will be demoted to a managing director on November 1. International enterprise headquarters
Managing director Kenji Nakamura corporate officer of the vice-manager is also demoted to a corporate officer on November 1.

For Chairman Hayama and President Takashi Yamauchi, three months and other 12 directors are [ return of remuneration /% / 30 / of monthly amounts ] one month in 30% of monthly amounts.
The company public relations section supposes, "The accident much people are [ the accident ] killed occurred and it opted for the disposal to a person in charge."

The bridge under construction a カントー in the city on September 26 crashed, and death and 80 persons got [ 54 persons (a worker and others) ] injured in the accident. TAISEI
は鹿島, the NIPPON STEEL engineering, and the joint venture were made, and the order of construction was received.

(Mainichi Newspapers October27, 2007 Tokyo morning paper)

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The Vietnam stock newest information It is the information from the Vietnam spot.

The Vietnam stock newest information It is the information from the Vietnam spot.

The Vietnam stock newest information It is the information from the Vietnam spot.